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Flosmore® FL02 Mini Water Flosser

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Color: Black

Water flossing is the best way to keep your oral cavity clean and healthy. With today’s busy lives, having a quick and easy way to freshen up on the go and ensure good oral hygiene is essential.

The problem is, that traditional water flossers are always heavy and bulky, and previous attempts at portable water flossers were not compact or powerful enough. Now, there’s Flosmore® FL02the world’s first water flosser without a reservoir, designed to be stylishthin, portableeasy to use, and convenient for every user.
By simply connecting Flosmore® FL02 to any water bottle or cup, you instantly have a powerful, effective way to clean your teeth wherever you are.

Brushing alone is not enough! Water flossers allow you to easily remove the plaque, food particles, and bacteria that get stuck in unreachable places.

Flosmore® FL02 is not only portable but also comparable to traditional desktop water flossers. It is almost 2 times as powerful as other portable ones on the market.

Flosmore® FL02 is your perfect partner if you love outdoor activities. Connect it to a water bottle as an instant high-capacity reservoir. No more refilling and no need to look for a water tap! 

  • 3 Modes Available
  • Long Battery Life

Flosmore® FL02 needs ONLY 1 charge for a whole month.

  • Built-In Mirror Design
  •  Folding Cup 

The reusable folding cup is easy for you to bring along all the time. 

Flosmore Happiness Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with your Water Floss, we will refund the purchase price within 30 days.

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