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Troubleshooting Your Water Flosser: Battery, Leakage, or Charger Issues?

Troubleshooting Your Water Flosser: Battery, Leakage, or Charger Issues?

Experiencing issues with your water flosser can be quite a nuisance, especially when you're unable to determine whether the problem lies with the battery, potential water leakage, or perhaps the charging mechanism. Let's navigate through some common issues and troubleshooting strategies to get your device back up and running.

The Battery Charging Conundrum

Batteries for water flossers are thoroughly checked for quality assurance before hitting the market and are built to last a minimum of three years. However, incorrect charging practices can potentially lead to battery damage or failure.

  1. Turn off the device to allow for a complete charge.
  2. Connect the cable to the charging port securely.
  3. Look for the power indicator glow to confirm the charging is in progress.
  4. Plug the charger firmly into an outlet and avoid any loose connections.
  5. Observe the indicator light; it should stop blinking once fully charged.

If these steps don't lead to a resolution, the battery itself might not be the issue.

The Silent Menace: Water Leakage

Water infiltrating your water flosser can critically impair the internal circuit board (PCBA), often resulting in more complex problems beyond just battery malfunctions. Such leakage is a common reason for battery function cessation. To check for internal water presence, detach the water tank and gently shake the device, listening for the sound of water movement within the unit.

Incorrect Power Adapter Use

Using a power adapter with specifications that don't match your flosser's requirements can lead to dire consequences for your battery:

  • Battery damage due to inappropriate voltage or current.
  • Overheating during charging.
  • Physical damage to the charging port.

a usb charger with wall power adapter, a hand

Faulty Charging Cables

A faulty charging cable could be the reason your water flosser isn’t working. To test this:

  1. Inspect the cable for damage or wear.
  2. Try an alternative, compatible cable to see if this resolves the issue.

Troubleshooting Steps for Water Damage and Charging Issues

  • Stop using the device immediately if you suspect water damage or if using the wrong charger.
  • Reach out to customer support. For flosmore® customers, assistance is available via or directly send an email to
  • Refer to your warranty for repair or replacement options.

Preventative Measures

  • Always use the correct power adapter and regularly inspect your charging cables.
  • Do not overfill the water tank and ensure all compartments are sealed tightly.
  • After use, store the device upright in a dry place.

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Mary Boggio - April 12, 2024

Same problem as above messsge. Water oil is only a year old. This adapter is useless. My other waterpolo glosser lasted 5 years. Had a different adapter. Not this magnetic one.

Judy Morris - April 1, 2024

Ordered 2 and neither will charge. It starts blinking but stops after a few seconds. I’ve never been able to use it bc it will not charge. What is the problem?

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