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About Flosmore

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We're Flosmore®

A creative studio focused on

Oral Care Innovations

Flosmore® was established in 2020, is a development company gathering technology, production and trade in integral whole. With the mission to deliver that affordable and convenient premium oral care products to the human beings.

So far, Flosmore® has developed and produced 4 different types of water flosser with a number of patents for our many innovations. We helped more than 100k people transform their smiles through our unique oral care products.

There are over 7.5 billion people living in this plant, the oral sensitivy will vary from people to people. Massive water flosser are flooding in the market, none of them can be customized the water pressure in-depth. With convenience and cost being the biggest issue. Flosmore® exists to help bridge that gap.

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People think that countertop water dental flosser is better than a cordless water flosser. The consideration is a countertop water flosser normally offers a large pressure range, from the softest to maximum cleaning. If you have sensitive areas, you may prefer the lower pressure settings of a countertop water flosser. 

Though A cordless water flosser is helpful for small countertops, pedestal sinks,

and limited space, easy storage, and as an alternative. to a countertop water flosser when you're away from home.

Flosmore ® ’s FL01 cordless water flosser can even work like a countertop water flosser with stepless adjustable water pressure.

This is like driving, which needs to be carried out step by step, but cannot be adjusted to the highest speed at the beginning.

In 2021, we partner with TUNNU innovation launched Flosmore® FL02 portable water flosser on Kickstarter, it is the most portable water flosser without a reservoir. We fundraised 10,000USD within first 24 hours. The mini gadget can turn any bottle water into a water flosser. It’s great if you're camping or travelling and don't want to travel with your usual water flosser… or a small pack of tape floss.

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Countless hours of research, dentist expertise, trial, and error led to the creation of our line of oral care products that not only do what they say they do, but that feel incredible to use. We’ve come a long way since our first-ever show on kickstarter, but what has not changed is our love for making friendly oral care products that you simply can’t wait to come home to. 
We are bringing more innovations...

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