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Flosmore® FL01 Cordless Water Flosser

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Easy, Effective Flossing is Here: The Telescopic Water Flosser uses pulsating targeted jets of water to remove food debris and plaque from teeth for healthier oral care

Portable Design for Travel: A collapsible design neatly stores nozzle and easily fits in bags and luggage for travel

4 working modes: 4 pressure settings from gentle to maximum clean

Easy-Fill Reservoir: With an detachable 220mL water reservoir lets provides up to 40 seconds of water flossing action

Easy Maintenance: Waterproof design rinses under running water; 2000 mAh built-in battery for 20 minutes of continuous use

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a hand is djusting the water pressure of flosmore waterpik

Precision Control for Every Smile

Embrace the comfort of customization with our advanced DIY mode. Now, you can fine-tune the water pressure to your exact preference, ranging from a mild 20PSI for a soothing rinse to a powerful 140PSI for an invigorating clean. Discover your perfect setting — gentle enough for kids and those with sensitive teeth, yet effective for everyone seeking a personalized oral care routine. Because when it comes to dental hygiene, one size doesn't fit all.

flossing teeth with flosmore® water flosser


Up to 1650 times / min of water pulsation is used to clean the slits between teeth and gums that cannot be reached by conventional floss. 4x 360° rotatable multi-functional nozzles efficiently Remove Interdental & Gumline Food Debris and Plaque.

flosmore Washable 300mL water tank

Exceptional Capacity Meets Easy Maintenance

Our 300mL water tank isn’t just spacious – it's meticulously designed for a thorough teeth and gum cleaning experience. Plus, with its easily detachable structure, keeping your flosser clean and well-maintained is a breeze.

a flosmore fl01 waterpik is on the surface of blue water

Seamless Shower Flossing

Incorporate flossing into your shower routine effortlessly. With our IPX7-rated water flosser, you can transform an everyday activity into an opportunity for optimal oral health. 'Piggyback' onto your established habit to seamlessly integrate this essential dental care step.