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Should I Add Mouthwash or Salt to My Flosmore Water Flosser?

Should I Add Mouthwash or Salt to My Flosmore Water Flosser?

Utilizing a water flosser has become a prevalent means of enhancing oral hygiene. For Flosmore Water Flosser users, adding specific substances might further benefit dental care. Let's explore what to use and what to avoid.

Safe Additives for Water Flossing with Flosmore

Standard Mouthwash

To freshen your breath and neutralize odors, you can add standard mouthwash to your Flosmore Water Flosser, following these guidelines:

  • Mix mouthwash with warm water, maintaining a 1:1 ratio.
  • Follow the product instructions for water flossing.
  • Rinse the unit with plain warm water.


Antiseptic Mouthwash

Antiseptic mouthwashes can aid in preventing gingivitis. Use them as you would standard mouthwash.

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For a boost of antibacterial effects, add salt to the Flosmore Water Flosser to help clean out gum pockets. Ensure that it's well mixed with the water.

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Therapeutic Mouth Rinse

Prescription-only therapeutic mouth rinses can be used as directed by a dental professional.

Not Recommended Additives

Essential Oils & Iodine

Avoid pure essential oils and iodine, as these can impair the flosser's performance.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide or Vinegar

For maximum effectiveness, use hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to clean the machine and tips between uses. These substances can help ensure that your Flosmore Water Flosser remains hygienic and functions optimally.

Replacing Tips

Regularly replace the tip every three to six months to maintain efficiency and hygiene.


The Flosmore Water Flosser can be used with specific additives like mouthwash and salt to enhance your oral hygiene routine. Adhering to the guidelines above ensures that you use these additives safely, maximizing the benefits without risking damage to your device.

Always consult with your dental professional for personalized advice, and follow Flosmore’s instructions to enjoy a fresh, clean, and healthy mouth. By incorporating these practices, you can make your water flossing experience even more rewarding and effective.

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N.L Ftancis - December 16, 2023

I need the brush to replace inside the water tank I don’t know exact name of that but I need I think the washer may be
How do I get that

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