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One drop of water save your water flosser

One drop of water save your water flosser


One of the common questions we receive from our Flosmore water flosser users is about the pump inside the device. Why does it sometimes fail to spray water even if the motor is running, and how does adding a bit of water to the nozzle connector area make it work fine? Let's dive into the mechanics of the pump inside your water flosser and uncover the answers.

The Function of the Pump:

The pump inside your Flosmore water flosser plays a vital role in drawing water from the reservoir and sending it through the tubing to the nozzle. It creates the suction needed for the flosser to function. But if the pump is completely dry, it may face difficulties in performing this action. Here's why:

1. Priming the Pump:

Many pumps need a small amount of liquid to initiate the suction process, known as "priming." If the pump is completely dry, it may not be able to create the initial seal required to draw water from the reservoir. By manually adding water to the nozzle connector area, you help prime the pump, allowing it to start the suction process.

water flosser doesn't work

2. Overcoming Air Lock:

Air trapped within the pump can create a blockage, preventing water from being drawn into the system. By dropping water into the nozzle connector area, you can help the pump overcome this air lock and function properly.

3. Lubrication:

Water also acts as a lubricant within the pump, enabling the parts to move more freely. If the pump is dry, the parts may stick, causing the pump to malfunction.


Understanding the mechanics of your Flosmore water flosser not only helps you maintain the device properly but also ensures a longer lifespan and better performance. If your pump is not running correctly, a simple act of dropping water into the nozzle connector area can make a big difference. You can also find another method to activate your water flosser in this blog. Check it out!

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