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Why People Use Water Flossers While Taking a Shower

Why People Use Water Flossers While Taking a Shower

Flossing is an essential part of oral hygiene, but let's face it, it can be messy. If you've ever found yourself drooling over the sink while trying to maneuver a flossing tool, you know the struggle. But what if there was a way to turn this necessary but sometimes unpleasant task into an enjoyable and efficient part of your daily routine? Enter the shower-friendly water flosser.

The Icky Problem

Traditional flossing often leads to a somewhat uncomfortable and messy experience. Little feels as icky as a stream of slobber snaking down your chin and neck into your pajama top. And then there's the cleanup after you're done.

where will you use your waterpik

The Convenient Solution: Cordless Express Water Flosser

To mitigate the chaos, many people are turning to waterproof, handheld Cordless Express water flossers and using them exclusively in the shower. Unlike countertop models that need to be plugged in, the Cordless Express is designed to be shower-friendly. Here's why it's the only cordless flosser we recommend:

1. Mess-Free Experience

It's virtually mess-free. The shower is the one place in the house where water everywhere isn't an issue. You can enjoy the flossing without worrying about water splashing all over your bathroom.

2. Easy Refilling and Cleaning

Refilling the water reservoir by sticking it under the showerhead is convenient and simple, especially since most people need to refill the canister at least once to floss their entire mouth. Plus, the device is easy to clean—you can even toss the reservoir in the dishwasher.

3. Incentive to Floss Regularly

One user said, "But the hidden benefit of keeping my slim Waterpik flosser in the shower is that I actually use it when I see it there. Tucked between bottles of shampoo and body wash, my Waterpik is hard to ignore... Now that I've removed the mess from the equation, I have no excuse not to floss."

Our Opinion

We firmly believe in the benefits of making oral care as convenient and enjoyable as possible. The Cordless Express water flosser takes a task that many find tedious and turns it into an integrated part of a shower routine. The convenience, coupled with the increased likelihood of consistent usage, makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about their oral health.

The next time you find yourself hurriedly trying to floss over the sink, consider how a shower-friendly water flosser like the Cordless Express could transform your daily routine. Not only does it make the task less messy, but it might just make you look forward to flossing.

Happy flossing, and enjoy your showers! 🚿😁

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